What is Wild Honey?

What is Wild Honey?

What is Wild Honey?

Wild honey is made by bees which not domesticated by human beings (or most people would call beekeepers).  As most people consider these bees as "wild bees", the honey that these bees collect are "wild honey".

Where is it found?

The wild bees usually build such natural hives in places near to beds of flowers.  Hence, this allows them to collect nectar from the flowers to produce honey for their own colony's survival.

Such natural and "wild" hives can usually be found trees, rocks and other natural environment that are sheltered against strong winds and rains.  Unlike the usual man-made hives, the shape of the natural hives are less structured.

Is It More Nutritious Than Raw Honey?

Raw Honey, such as those we sell here in our website, goes through a series of simple process practised over many centuries by mankind.  The steps are as follows:

  1. Collection of man-made hives (without overly disturbing the bees),
  2. De-capping of the honey comb (to release the honey),
  3. Extracting (using centrifuge),
  4. Straining (pouring of honey through mesh and nylon filters to remove solid natural particles),
  5. Stirring to ensure a smooth taste and uniform look.

As one can see, the above 5 steps are not intrusive to the honey product.  Hence, there is no alteration of this natural produce in anyway.

In fact, the above process ensures that raw honey does not contain solid debris such as bee parts, leaves and sticks due to the straining process.

Beekeepers Checking Hives
Checking Bee Hives


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