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Introduction to Food Labels

Learning to read food labels is the best way to educate yourself on what ingredients make up the product you may be buying. It can...
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Food that stays Edible for Years

Extract from The Straits Times, 22nd August 2017 ----------- In 2015, archaeologists reported that while excavating tombs in Egypt, they had found 3,000-year-old honey and...
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Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Who would have ever thought of using honey for hair growth?  Raw Honey contains antioxidants and nutrients that feed hair follicles that house the live...
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2017 Takashimaya Sweet and Savoury Fair

Building on the success of the past fairs, we are back in Takashimaya to participate in another "Sweet" Event! This event would be like no...
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Welcoming Hwang ChiYeul to Singapore!

We are glad to announce that YES is co-sponsoring the famous South Korean singer Hwang ChiYeul to Singapore this week! Hwang ChiYuel will be performing at...
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Lack Nutrition?

We have countless tasks and goals that fill up our To-Do List everyday.  Let's face it -- Life IS hectic.  We sacrifice sleep, time with...
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