More about the Christmas Bush Honey

More about the Christmas Bush Honey

lol   The coastal areas of Tasmania are filled with thousands of prickly bushes covered in millions of tiny white flowers the shape of a bursting star. This is the Christmas Bush of Tasmania. Its flavor is mellower than the Leatherwood Honey, slightly herbaceous with marzipan tones.  This honey is very heat sensitive. The Tasmanian Honey Company uses a cold temperature processing technique that avoids over-refinement and damage caused to honey by high temperature extraction and packaging, coupled with filtration that is the norm in most commercially available honey. As a result, Tasmanian Christmas Bush honey is a light colored, fine candied type with a "set" consistency. Consequently, the honey may contain small particles of bees wax. This may be why the texture is bit more "solid" than the Leatherwood Honey. This honey is perfect for spooning over yogurt, goat cheese, or mixed into hot tea. So, How can Christmas Bush Honey benefit you? Benefits: ★ Calming effects ★  Indigestion ★ Relief for stomach Ulcer and stomach Upsets ★ Constipation ★ Good for Skin ★ Nourish the Lung ★ Lower High Blood Pressure or Cholesterol Not only is it healthy, it is also a delicious addition to pastries and desserts!
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