Hangover Remedy

Hangover Remedy

The holiday season, the parties, the feast, the booze. Right, most of us tend to celebrate the season in an excessive manner and with the overindulgence comes the morning after. We all hate (some might even regret) the New Year’s eve party hangover.  And let’s face it. There are no “real" cures for hangovers,but there are certainly ways to ease those dreadful symptoms.

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The quick and easy hangover remedy comes within reach from your pantry. Yes, it is HONEY we are talking about.

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Scientists claim that the natural sweetener is a great way to help the body deal with the toxic effects of a hangover. The Royal Society of Chemistry claims that the fructose in honey is essential to help the body break down alcohol into harmless by-products. The body uses the fructose to convert the acetaldehyde made during alcohol metabolism into acetic acid, a substance that is “burned up naturally by the body.”
Essentially honey provides a buffer by giving the body some sugar to metabolize and preventing the sudden change in blood sugar levels and also increasing the alcohol metabolism processes in the body.
In addition, the body suffers from water loss during a hangover. You need to replace lost fluids by drinking plenty of bland liquids that are easy on the digestive system.
So grab the jar of pure and wild Tasmanian honey (I recommend Tasmanian Eucalyptus Honey for its calming effect), stir 2 spoonfuls of it into a pint of warm water and down it in a single go.
But our best advice is always to consume in strict moderation...well, both honey & alcohol. As the wise saying from King Solomon goes: "If you find some honey, eat only what you need. Take too much and you will vomit." The same would naturally apply to alcohol as well...;)

HAPPY 2016!

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