[Case Study] Manuka Honey for Wound

[Case Study] Manuka Honey for Wound

We have often hear about how raw, natural honey is able to heal open wounds.  In fact, there are many studies to support the fact that honey is the perfect natural remedy to do so.  The data show that the wound healing properties of honey include stimulation of tissue growth, enhanced epithelialization, and minimized scar formation. 

More information can be found in the official website of National Center for Biotechnology Information (or NCBI).

Sometime back, one of our customers' boy had a bad fall, causing a very nasty wound on his knee cap.  At our recommendation, they used Tasmanian Manuka Honey as a form of antiseptic and healing solution for his wound.

Tasmanian Manuka Honey for Wound Healing


Day One

Day Two

Besides our Tasmanian Manuka Honey, NOTHING else was used in the healing of his wound.  But they could already see the following effects:

1) Quick reduction in swell,
2) Protective Layer of the honey helps to repel moisture.
3) Healing was relatively quick (as seen in the above pictures).

Without a doubt, this is a living-proof of the healing properties of honey.   Honey can be used by itself without the need to get externally-applied medicine if they are not readily available.

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