A Fresh Start to a New Year

A Fresh Start to a New Year

It is always good to reflect on the good things at the start of a new year.

Being able to visit a place I love is one of the many good things that had happened in my life.

A recent visit to Tasmania has again confirmed my liking for a place I fondly call the "Last Frontier of the Earth".  

The reason for naming it so is because having travelled widely in Asia (the so-called "Global Economic Powerhouse"), where emerging economies are consuming precious resources in the name of "GDP", Tasmania is probably one of the few remaining places one can breathe fresh air and drink water directly from the many available streams on the pristine island.

I am privileged to be able to travel to Tasmania frequently for both business and pleasure. Over the years, it is even more gratifying to have many local business partners turned personal friends.

My personal friends in Tassie and I have some common objectives - to continue to make Tassie a liveable place and to let the world enjoy the fruits of our labour.

May 2017 be another good year for all!


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