Why Tasmanian's honey is better

Why Tasmanian's honey is better

Does it matter which honey I buy? What’s the difference? So how’s the Honey from Tasmanian Honey Company different from others?
  1. Clean Environment

Our honey are sourced from the pollution-free national nature conservation area. As honey is an all natural product, the environment in which it is produced is extremely important.  As an Australia’s pristine island state, Tasmania boasts the world's cleanest air and water and has some of world's most unspoiled forests. 40% of the island area has been dedicated to the national rainforest and conservation area and our honey is produced right in this area where the sources of clean air and water could nurture the flowers and plants which in turn guarantees the superior quality of the honey produced here.

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  1. Quality Control
Many honey enterprises including imported honey brands are using farm acquisitions to control their cost of operation. However, every drop of honey produced by our company originates directly from our operations in Australia which is run and controlled by us. Thereby enabling us to control and keep up the high quality of honey from the start to end of production.  
  1. Leatherwood Honey

Our main product is the unique Leatherwood Honey. The Leatherwood tree is a special specie that can only be found in Tasmania, Australia. The unique nectar from Tasmania’s Leatherwood tree is harvested from deep within the pristine rainforest to create a truly outstanding honey. Highly aromatic, it has a unique flavour with spicy undertones and your senses will be instantly awakened by the piquant perfumes of the Leatherwood blossoms. The aroma is robust, yet lovely and pleasing to the palate and taste nothing like the artificial candied sweetness present in sugar syrup or adulterated honey.

Checkout the Uses of Leatherwood Honey.

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  1. Manufacturing Process
Our Honey are made using a cold temperature processing technique which keeps the temperature below 45 degree Celsius This help to avoid the over-refinement and damage caused to honey by high temperature extraction and packaging, coupled with filtration, that is the norm in most commercially available honey.
  1. Direct Import
Our honey are sold in its original packaging. Each product is individually packaged in Australia before export. Unlike certain honey exporters who would transport the honey and package them in the import location. Such a process will compromise the quality of the honey.
  1. Breathtaking Design

We have one of the most beautifully designed Honey jars, labels and tins in the market. Our honey looks and tastes wonderful. A perfect gift!


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Marc says:


Like the Orange Honey! Great taste & drinking it every day now.

Nov 23, 2016

CHW says:


Tried e Eucalyptus honey. Great taste & throat feeling minty after consumption. Like e feeling! Great stuff!

Nov 23, 2016


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