3 Ways Our Honey Is Good for Your Skin!

3 Ways Our Honey Is Good for Your Skin!

3 Benefits of Honey

This article is kindly contributed by Jennifer Dawson:

As consumers become more aware of what they put into their bodies and on their skin, we have seen an unprecedented rise in the use of organic personal care products across the globe and particularly in Singapore. The organic skincare movement as it is referred to has been making headlines consistently for the past few years. In fact,  the global organic skincare market growth forecast has been estimated to be 10 percent annually between 2017-2024. As Singaporeans embrace the shift, one of the hottest items on the shelves (and in many beauty/skincare products) is honey. From its antioxidant properties to  its ancient cough suppressant and respiratory qualities, nutritionists and manufacturers alike have continued to rave about this addition to our diet and daily routine. While much has been said about its benefits as a sugar alternative, honey can be just as beneficial for your skin. Used in a variety of ways, this little pot of wonder can be the answer to your skin concerns.

1. Anti-aging helper

Every year, women spend thousands of dollars on creams and lotions, all in pursuit of keeping their skin looking and feeling young. The  cosmetics and personal care market in Singapore is expected to grow by 2.3 percent annually until 2021, with skincare being its largest segment. Used in its raw form, honey can be a fantastic helper in slowing down the skin aging process. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, honey can help to delay wrinkle formation and stimulate cell rejuvenation; a claim that was supported by a 2016 study by the University of Southampton and published in the Journal of Clinical Pathology. In addition, it can help you avoid a common  faux pas in your personal care routine--using too strongly formulated anti-aging products and ending up with dry and flaky skin.

Varieties such as Young Earth Sanctuary’s Manuka Honey are known for their hydrating and antimicrobial abilities; both of which are essential in the anti-aging fight. As a bonus, it acts as a brilliant cleanser for your face, particularly for those with sensitive skin. By simply adding a bi-weekly honey mask to your skincare routine, you can help your skin remain youthful and timeless.

2. Moisturizing agent

Speaking of hydrating, the use of honey is also useful to those struggling with acne scars or dry skin.  It is extremely moisturizing and can quickly calm those dry spots some of us tend to struggle with. While all types of honey contain restorative properties, Young Earth Sanctuary's Manuka or Meadow honey can be a particularly effective  way of providing your skin with hydration. It acts by actively drawing moisture into the skin due to it being termed a humectant. For your skin, better levels of hydration mean smoother, younger skin for longer.

3. Restorative aid to skin conditions

Honey also has fantastic healing properties, particularly for wounds, scars, and blemishes. By promoting healing from the inside out, you can reduce the appearance of scars left behind by pesky blemishes or past injuries. People with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis have also been shown to improve their skin with regular use of this additive. Mauka honey such as those by Young Earth Sanctuary has been linked to the reduction of inflammation associated with psoriasis.

Honey has been around for thousands of years. Trusted by man even in the ancient days, there is no denying the many benefits that honey can have if included in your skincare routine alongside a healthy and varied diet. For your health, your skin and even your energy levels it is well worth looking into.

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