Where is Our Honey From?

Where is Our Honey From?

Tasmania boasts the world’s cleanest air and water and has some of the world’s most primitive and unspoiled forests.

Tasmania Meadow

Where is our honey from?

Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey is sourced from Australia’s island state, Tasmania.  If you were to visit Tasmania, you would understand and believe why the produces from there are some of the best in the world.

What is Leatherwood?

This honey gets its name from the leathery textured leaves of the Leatherwood Eucryphia Lucida.

Leatherwood Tree in Full Flowers

What is Leatherwood Honey and What Are Its Benefits?

Leatherwood honey is renowned for its unusual floral bouquet. It possesses a fragrance like no other and a taste which no adjectives can adequately describe. The aroma is robust, yet so lovely and pleasing to the palate.

Traditionally, this honey has also been used as a cure for hang over. It’s naturally rich occurring vitamin B and minerals aids in recovering from the excessive alcohol quickly.  Vitamin B is known to have a huge variety of health benefits.

Leatherwood honey has been proven to be high in antioxidants which can be used like Manuka to heal wounds and boost the immune system.

Leatherwood tress are indeed special – those under 75 years old generally don’t flower and thus have no nectar source. The most prolific flowering trees are more than 100 or 200 years old. It’s no wonder why it is recognised by honey connoisseurs as one of the finest and rarest honey in the world.

Leatherwood Honey on Table

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