The Golden Nectar from the Last Frontier

The Golden Nectar from the Last Frontier

Beyond Health Honey

Tasmania is often known as "The Last Frontier" due to its relatively untouched and fertile land.  Numerous delicious and nutritious agricultural products such as potatoes, carrots, onions and green peas.  Such crops would not grow as well if there is no pollination done by honey bees.

Tasmanian Meadow

And as bees do the pollination, they also produce nutritious honey for themselves to help their colonies survive the winter (talk about "multi-tasking"!)

Beyond Health Honey is produced through the most natural way possible, as dictated by Mother Nature herself.   The result?  Natural-flavoured honey that is meant to boost immunity , provide energy, and nutrients such as anti-oxidants for the human body.

Barn Bluff Tasmania

We are indeed excited to introduce such pristine product to the world and to support the agriculture in Tasmania, which in turn helps to maintain a sustainable environment.

Leatherwood Honey, which is unique to Tasmania, boasts to have more than 3 times the contents of anti-oxidants than most Australian honey.  Anti-oxidants is a major ingredient in keeping one's skin youthful.  It is therefore often said "consuming Leatherwood Honey keeps one as refreshed as Tasmanian's pristine environment"!


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