The amazing Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey


Leatherwood honey is the honey bees produce from the nectar of the Leatherwood plants flower. The Leatherwood plant (Eucryphia lucida) is native to Tasmania. You will only find real wild Tasmanian leatherwood honey that is produced in Tasmania.

Honey is known to have high levels of anti-oxidants that are known for their anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties assisting the body to fight cancer causing agents. Tasmanian Leatherwood honey is known to be two to three times richer in antioxidants than other Australian honeys.


Not only is Leatherwood honey good for you, it is also well-loved by chefs and food critics and is even regarded as the 'connoisseur honey'.  Leatherwood Honey offers a distinct flavour with a mild hint of spicy after taste. The sensation of eating this honey can be described as extremely pleasurable. It is creamy, buttery, low in acidity and melts in the mouth.

The Tasmanian Honey Company Leatherwood Honey goes through a special low temperature preparation technique. In carefully managing the extraction of the honey from the combs and its cleaning both the floral essences, the innate vitality of the honey are preserved, resulting in an aromatic and naturally organic food with all the health benefits of raw honey kept wholly intact.

Where to get raw Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey? Visit our online store and yes, we offer worldwide shipping to bring the amazing Tasmanian goodness to you wherever you are.

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