All The Reasons Why You Should Go Organic

All The Reasons Why You Should Go Organic

Special Article Contributed by Jennifer Dawson:

It goes without saying that pure, organic products have more health benefits than the commercially produced food and beverages. Studies show two major reasons why organic food has become popular in Singapore. One is because of long-term health concerns, and the other reason is their awareness of how toxic food chemicals affect the environment.

Despite the constant rise, many people still refuse to switch to organic food because of life-long habits. Our food habits form in childhood and they tend to stick well into adulthood. But growing older means taking better care of ourselves and that might mean switching to products that do us more good than harm.

Tested and safe

As you make the switch, think about your food consumption. Are they safe? Are they healthy? With going organic, that’s not something you need to worry about.

Various organic products, such as food, beauty essentials, and hygiene necessities, are safe for everyone’s consumption. Since the base materials and ingredients for these products are grown naturally, they are less likely to develop harmful effects to humans whenever consumed or applied to the body. Based on the study of The Soil Association, some non-organic products contain harmful chemicals which are meant to poison pests. These harmful materials can cause some diseases, such as cancer, allergies, and skin problems.

Value for money

Many chemicals, such as pesticides and insecticides, are applied on commercially grown plants—making them more expensive compared to organic ones. Organic products can give you value for money, without putting your health at risk. Likewise, you can grow your own garden at home to further reduce costs. You may think that a garden can only beautify your home with DIY garden beds or succulents in your pots and containers but your green thumb can also be very useful for nurturing organic ingredients at home.

More flavor

Taste can vary depending on someone’s preference. Compared to commercially grown products, natural produce tastes better. Notably, when a plant is naturally grown, they produce higher levels of antioxidants that help improve a food’s taste, aroma, and mouthfeel. In addition, conventionally farmed soil contains high levels of nitrogen from non-organic fertilizers which result in higher levels of sugar and starch. Fruits, vegetables, and grains suffer from this as they kill healthy and flavor-producing antioxidants.

Kicking a habit isn’t always easy but when it comes to our health, we must be willing to go the distance. Going organic may not be similar to your old diet but the benefits are tremendous.

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