Losing sleep? Try these Natural Remedies

Losing sleep? Try these Natural Remedies

Sleep disorders or insomnia can pose serious threats to physical and mental health. Most of the traditional medicines are addictive in nature with side effects. Thus natural sleep remedies are extremely suitable for people suffering with this problem. There are many effective herbs and foods which can promote relaxation and release stress to promote sound sleep in which honey is a major ingredient. 

Here are 3 relaxing recipes to soothe you before bedtime: 

Remedy 1 

Drinking a glass of warm milk with a teaspoon of raw honey mixed in it before going to bed is also an old remedy for sound sleep. 

Raw Honey 

Remedy 2 

Drinking a glass of water with raw honey is also an effective treatment. 



Remedy 3
Tea made by using anise seeds and honey in place of sugar is also very effective, this tea shall be consumed before going to bed. 

Sleep well and sweet dreams!

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