Have Fortitude, Will Strive!

Have Fortitude, Will Strive!

The Singapore government has just announced the "Fortitude Budget" to give Singaporeans more job security amidst this global pandemic.

Indeed, many Singaporeans have lost their jobs or will be losing their jobs soon if their employers are unable to pay the bills.  Losing jobs does not just bring hardship to the individuals, but to their families as well, especially if the individuals are the sole breadwinners.

We should be grateful that in times like this, the government is dishing out financial support like never before.  While it is true that it is not perfect, since there will still be people that fall through the cracks, the general population will find their livelihood a little bit more secured by this budget.

Stay appreciative of little things, Stay Positive of the future and Find Little Ways to Strengthen Yourselves in challenging times like this.

Stay Positive

As mentioned in our previous blog, we are grateful to have customers that are both encouraging and supportive to our business through thick and thin.  To do our part in showing our gratitude, we are giving away a special gift worth $10 with every purchase of our 1kg Tasmanian Meadow Honey.

This promotion will last until our Phase 1 of Re-Opening our country is over.

With Fortitude, We Will All Strive Together!

Choose to be Positive 

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