Why Our Honey Is Better

Why Our Honey Is Better

Recently there was a major news report in Hong Kong that authorities had found high levels of antibiotics in some brands of honey.

Now, one would ask -- these are reputable companies and why would they have less-than-perfect quality control process?  The answer is actually quite simple, they do not have control in place from the source.

Let us elaborate a little here.  Honey is collected by beekeepers and many a time, these are individual beekeepers with small operations and as they do not have the scale to pack their own honey in branded bottles, they sell to bigger companies (in the honey industry, we call them "packers").

You can imagine that the bigger packers hence do not have visibility as to how the bee-keepers breed their bees, position their hives and monitor the commercial crops that the bees are collecting nectar from.

In addition, to lower cost of operations, not all batches of honey is tested for major harmful components.

And hence, we have this explosive news in Hong Kong. (https://bit.ly/2mpndgL )

So, I am sure our customers would ask -- so how does Tasmanian Honey match up with these standards?

The answer is actually very simple, our factory has a team of dedicated bee-keepers that does nothing but ensure the health of the bees and that the bee-keeping activities are closely monitored.  Coupled with the fact that 70% of Tasmania is covered by National Forests, it is little wonder why we do not face any issues arising from commercial crops and activities that need the use of antibiotics. The pristine natural environment is THE IDEAL situation for the bees!

We travel frequently to Tasmania to have face-to-face meetings with Julian and his team, and we are confident to say that we absolutely trust their professionalism!

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