5 Things That Honey Can Do to Your Body

5 Things That Honey Can Do to Your Body

1. Clearer Skin

Healthy Skin due to Honey


Most of us know that honey is an excellent anti-oxidant.  Drinking honey helps the body cleanse various types of toxins that may exist due to our unhealthy urban lifestyle.  Having natural anti-bacterial properties, honey can also be applied to your skin to prevent or treat acne.  It is also extremely soothing and moisturizing such that it helps to create a glow to your skin.

Leatherwood Honey from Tasmania is well known to have 3 times the levels of antioxidants in normal honey.

2. Losing Excess Weight

Losing Weight Through Consuming Honey

Most of you may not know that natural honey, although a sweetener, helps you to lose weight instead of gaining it.  Unlike man-made sweeteners, natural sugars in honey has a very different chemical composition compared to other sweeteners.  It is highly recommended that you try the honey diet to lose some weight!

3. Lower Cholesterol Level

Lower Cholesterol

Studies has shown that honey benefits patients with high-cholesterol.   It has proven that honey is much better than sugar in your daily diet.

 4. Sounder Sleep

Sounder Sleep through Using Honey


One table-spoon of honey each night before you sleep improves your sleep quality.  Just see what this research says.  Try it!

5. Healthier Stomach

Healthier Stomach through Drinking Honey

Being a strong natural antiseptic, honey is well known to prevent various diseases associated to the digestive tract.  In addition, while passing through the stomach, honey helps to heal small wounds and destroy germs in the mucous membrane.

One such honey that is most effective in doing so is the Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey.



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