Singapore -- A Place We Call Home

Singapore -- A Place We Call Home

Singapore Artistes in Sing Together

Dick Lee, Rahimah Rahim, Shabir, Taufik Batisah and a host of Mediacorp artistes took the virtual stage to lead the nation in singing our favourite national song "Home" yesterday.  The song resonated throughout the heartland in Singapore as almost every household sang together.

HDB Heartland Singapore 

It was a very touching scene as Singaporeans from all walks of life joined in the chorus.  All of us could feel the spirit of solidarity and determination to work together in defending our homeland from this crisis.

Singaporeans Singing Home Together

The message of Love, Encouragement and Hope was clearly felt during that moment, and we were reminded more than ever before, that we had the social obligation to stay strong.  We also needed to work hard and stand tall, setting a good example for our future generations to come.

Frontline Healthcare and essential services workers were of course featured in the program as well.  They risk their health in exchange for our safety and comfort.  They work tirelessly to ensure we stay on top of the situation while worrying about their own family's safety.  Kudos to them!

Singapore Healthcare Workers Covid 19

The frontline workers are our soldiers in this war and Singaporeans are confident to win this war like many other nations which had done so already.

Singapore is a place we call home and we should do whatever we can through Social Distancing and a heightened sense of personal hygiene.

YES is home to Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey in Singapore and we will continue to support our customers by providing timely and safe deliveries of our premium products during the Circuit Breaker period.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe!

Singaporeans in Solidarity SG United

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