Nausea remedy with Ginger & Honey (or THC Ginger Honey!!!)

Nausea remedy with Ginger & Honey (or THC Ginger Honey!!!)

Ginger Honey Remedy for Nausea

Nausea is an unpleasant feeling in the stomach which often makes you feel like you need to vomit. It is a vague symptom of lots of different illnesses such as migraines, dehydration, upset stomach, motion sickness or food poisoning, etc.

You can easily treat nausea using raw honey and ginger. Honey is a natural sweetener that is enriched with many essential nutrients, pure glucose and levulose which aids for proper digestion and helps counteract nausea. Ginger is also considered one of the best remedies for treating nausea as it neutralises the stomach acids and soothes an irritated stomach.

Here are 3 simple home remedies to treat nausea:

Honey with Ginger Juice

  • Mix 1 teaspoon each of fresh ginger juice and raw honey.
  • Stir well and consume daily.
  • Or add 7 to 10 drops of raw ginger juice in 1 teaspoon of honey. We recommend consuming this in the morning on an empty stomach.
Honey with Grated Ginger
  • Mix 1 teaspoon each of freshly grated ginger and raw honey and consume daily

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