4 Sweet Ways to Start Cooking with Honey during a Stay Home Notice!

Feeling bored when forced to work from home or serving your Stay-Home-Notice?

If you are thinking of cooking at home rather than depending on Food Panda or Grab Food, here are some sweet and surprising ways to start cooking with honey for healthier meals.

Cooking with Honey

With Covid-19 still rampant and unpredictable, many companies are putting off business travel plans and asking staff to work from home.  (Click to get updated from the latest Travel Advisory in Singapore) It is always a good idea to have some bottles of honey for your kitchen no matter what type of cuisine you are cooking.

Here are some of the best uses of honey in your kitchen:


1. Give Slightly More Body to Your Curry

If you want to reduce the use of ghee in your Indian-style curry dish, why not use honey instead?  You can still give your dish a hint of sweetness and body!  Just drizzle some honey into your dish when it is almost done.  You will almost find that the subtle, yet distinctive ingredient helps to bring out the many spices wonderfully.

Curry with Natural Honey


2. Pairing Your Honey with Goat Cheese

Give this pairing a try and you can be assured of a pleasant surprise!  There are some ways in which you can pair the above two ingredients.  For example, one could use honey with goat cheese, and together with cut-apples and mixed-greens to make a simple but nutritious salad. 

Goat Cheese with Honey


3. Making a Honey-based Dressing

Creating a dressing should not be difficult.  One simple way is to whisk together honey with olive oil and apple cider vinegar.  Using honey as the base for your salad dressing means you are in for a burst of sweet and natural flavour!

Honey with Salad


4.  Using Honey as Glaze for Your Roast

Glazed meat is a traditional dish which could always be brought to the next level.  One of the main uses of honey in the kitchen is to create a delicious glaze for your meat.  It is worth your time to experiment with the amounts of honey you can put.  Want a super-fresh glaze?  Combine your pure Leatherwood Honey with refreshing portions of lime!  Want a hint of an Asian twist?  Pair your honey with traditional soy sauce for a never-before experience!

Red Meat Glazed with Honey

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