YES Blood Donation Support

We all know that blood is a key life-line to all human life.

What makes it even more challenging is that we cannot produce human blood from artificial means --- we need to sacrifice by pricking our arm, bearing the pain and spending the next 5-10 minutes filling up the bag, making roughly 450ml of blood.

All these steps make it very "unattractive" for an ordinary person to step forward to help.

YES Supports Blood Donation

At YES, we strongly believe that saving lives is one of the most noble thing a human being can carry out.  All the "inconveniences" are just minor obstacles.

In Singapore, we only have 1.8% of the population who are blood donors who come forward, but there is a way.  (Refer to the link: Red Cross Blood Donation )

As a strong supporter of the Blood Bank, YES pledges to give ALL our brave Blood Donors a 15% Discount OFF.  

Just email us at with the image of your appointment card, make a purchase, and we will refund 15% back to you.

We hope to give back to the society in a meaningful way, with your help!

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