What A

What A "Sun"ny Surprise!

Sunny Surprise

Special Appearance by Stephanie Sun

Stefanie Sun, our local iconic superstar singer that all Singaporeans are proud of, took to the virtual stage at the comfort of her home to conduct a Facebook live concert.

Stephanie Sun (Facebook ScreenGrab)

This impromptu concert was conducted to celebrate her 20th year in her singing career.    In the first half of the show, she chatted, joked, and sang acapella snippets of her hit songs, and also performed with a live band in the second half.

"10 years ago, I climbed a mountain with my fans, and we saw the sunrise. The tenth anniversary was a huge milestone for me. Back then, we talked about doing the same thing again ten years later," she said.

"Even though we can't do that now (because of the coronavirus pandemic), all of us ⁠— living in different regions of the world ⁠— are facing different obstacles in our lives now, and we are climbing up our own personal mountains.

Indeed we each have our own personal mountains to climb and to overcome the various mountains, self-confidence, determination and perseverance are all needed to help us pull through.

We at YES are doing our little part to remind everyone to stay strong.   We are continuing our special offer for our Tasmanian Meadow Honey of free gift with every bottle during the Phase 1 period.

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