Boost Immunity and Strengthen "Self-Defence"

The 2019 Novel Corona Virus had taken the world by storm since late 2019 and the unexpected fall-out due to the rapid spreading and death counts (mainly in Wuhan, China) at the moment is unprecedented.

As the characteristics of the virus are still under investigation, it is prudent to constantly check the WHO website for updates.

It is also important to maintain good personal hygiene, such as washing hands, sanitising toilets and putting clothes to wash after a day out.

Boosting immunity against illnesses by having a balanced and nutritious diet are also essential, especially for aged people.

At YES, we are happy to do our part to encourage the intake of immunity-boosting foods.  From 8th Feb to 17th Feb 2020, we are giving away a Leatherwood Honey Dipper (worth S$7.50) for every purchase of Manuka or Leatherwood Honey from our website (excluding honey drops).

Fight Against Virus

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