Barter Trade, Anyone?

Barter Trade, Anyone?

At YES, we always try to reach out to more customers so that more can enjoy our wonderful wellness products.

Barter Trade, an ancient way of trading, has found its way to our business development efforts through the form of BarterXchange (S) Pte Ltd ("BBX").  What is interesting is that a closed community of business owners get to use this platform to exchange goods and services spanning over many countries.  Anything from food & beverages, furniture, novelty products, to cars and real estates are all tradable on this platform!

Barter Trade Tasmanian Honey

Within the first month of joining as a member, we have already started to serve some customers and earn BBX credits!  We are looking to use BBX credits to off-set our company expenses in a more meaningful way -- support other traders!

We hope that, through the partnership with BBX, our products can reach to more consumers!

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