A Major Success for Hwang Chi Yeul's Visit to Singapore!

A Major Success for Hwang Chi Yeul's Visit to Singapore!

Hwang Chi Yeul's mini-concert in Singapore on 28th May 2017 was a major success!  YES Singapore is very proud to have co-sponsored the event and to contribute to its success. 

Hwang Chi Yeul in Singapore

Days before the concert, Hwang Chi Yeul's Singapore Fan Club (https://www.facebook.com/HCYSGFanClub/) organised a reach-out event at Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) and made a meaningful day for everyone by giving out goodies in the name of Hwang Chi Yeul.  The folks at MINDS were delighted!  The fan club and YES, along with many other socially responsible organisations, believe in giving back to the society.

Hwang Chi Yeul Charity in Singapore 2017

Local News Report

Hwang Chi Yeul YES Singapore Contribution of Leatherwood Honey

Leatherwood Sachets 20g

Volunteers Charged up by YES Singapore Leatherwood Honey

Volunteers Charged up with Leatherwood Honey!

We were very glad that the volunteers had thoroughly enjoyed our Leatherwood sachets!

At the mini-concert, Chi Yeul put up a series of superb performances, and of course he sang the song "Honey", in everyone's anticipation.  He must had been so energised after taking our Leatherwood Honey!

The whole audience was energised and dancing to the beat!

Hwang Chi Yeul YES Singapore

Hwang Chi Yeul Mini-Concert Singapore Crowd

Meaningfully, Chi Yeul ended his concert with 张学友's 一路上有你, to express thanks to the Singaporean audience, for his first trip to the Lion City.

It was a memorable night indeed!

Look forward to Chi Yeul's next trip to Singapore!

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