2017 Takashimaya Sweet and Savoury Fair

2017 Takashimaya Sweet and Savoury Fair

Building on the success of the past fairs, we are back in Takashimaya to participate in another "Sweet" Event!

YES at Takashimaya Sweet and Savoury Fair

This event would be like no other we have participated previously as we would be introducing exciting products like the Vegebuddies, Organic Cookies, Organic Agave Nectar and the premium Elmstock Tea.

The selection would not be complete without our signature Leatherwood and Manuka Honey from the Tasmanian Honey Company and Beyond Health.

With such a wide selection of healthy foods, it is definitely worth to visit us from 12th to 26th June!

Mystery gifts would be given out with minimum purchases!

Mark your calendar!


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